BuddyPress Groups integration

(Sol) #1

Does anybody of you know an extension/plugin (can be paid) to integrate Discourse into BuddyPress like bbPress with the possibility for groups to have forums (maybe via a “Groups root”->“Group name” categories) that automatically apply the same privacy as the group has set and also the possibility to integrate stuff like bookmarks… into the BuddyPress profile?

That would be soooo cool because it looks like bbPress developement is not going well and this forum looks so promising!

BuddyPress is getting really better with each release and features like private messaging / friendship / groups / advanced profiles are hard to replace :wink:

Kind regards

(Adam Capriola) #2

It seems like there is overlap in many features between BuddyPress and Discourse. Are you sure you’d want to use them together?

I doubt anyone has done integration between the two yet.

(Sol) #3

For me a “forum” is only one part. I want my users to produce posts / documents / reviews / be member of groups to organize the chaos a bit / and so on… so I really have to depend on WordPress/BuddyPress plus many plugins and would love to see an integration with Discourse as it is light-years away from most of the other discussion options as of its ajax feel and great ideas. Maybe a dev is looking this thread and can offer its (paid) help or maybe this can be the start of an open source Git hub project?

(Adam Capriola) #4

I guess I’d have to see your BuddyPress implementation to understand your situation better. I’ve done a couple WordPress integrations with SSO and group mapping. I haven’t worked with BuddyPress at all though. Send me a PM with more specifics and I’ll let you know if it’s a project I might be able to handle.

(Sam Hummel) #5

Did this go anywhere? I have the same need. Getting really fed up with BBpress.

(Adam Capriola) #6

I was never in contact with @solhuebner aside from this conversation … so no!

(Sol) #7

Unfortunately life got in the way… I am still interested but lack time. I really hoped this topic would be interesting for more as bbPress is lacking a lot of features but works great together with BuddyPress.