Bug . creating subdomain in setup

(Hakan) #1

I am reinstalling the forum. I am installing the normal domain, not the subdomain, but I am installing the forum.site.com subdomained like the same domain I installed.

I just want to install the main domain, how can I solve this problem?

I made my installation domain https://oyuncum.com
self-formed subdomain that I did not install http://forum.oyuncum.com why ?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

Do you want forum as part of the host name or not?

How are you installing? Was the forum kayaks installed with forum in the name before but you want to change the name?

Can you share the actual name so we can see what is happening?

(Hakan) #3

https://oyuncum.com/ This is my site. but forum.oyuncum.com subdomain is listed on google.

I made the sitemap settings, my site is private but still indexed even googlede