Bug in login page with Chromium on Linux

(Roman Schmidt) #1


There’s a bug with Discourse page when trying to login.


  • opening “meta.discourse.org” or self-hosted discourse
  • clicking on “login” does nothing, although it seems that the page reloads quickly
  • now, no button is working, neither “login” button nor anything else


  • i have to refresh the page again with F5, now the login button behaves as expected


  • Browser: stock Chromium Version 34.0.1847.137 Built on Debian 7.5, running on Debian jessie/sid (268882)
  • OS: Linux kernel: 3.14-1-amd64


(Jeff Atwood) #2

We have no reports of issues with Chrome on Linux, particularly in such a critical code path (logins), so I suspect that this is a local problem of some kind.

(Arpit Jalan) #3

It’s working perfectly fine for me with Chromium on Ubuntu: