Bug with Discourse Group Promotion System

When promoting users through the built-in Discourse group promotion system it will trigger the following effects:

  • Groups that automatically set trust levels don’t log action to admin logs
  • When a custom group automatically sets members to trust level 1, anyone as trust level 2 gets demoted to trust level 1
  • When a custom group is deleted, it automatically demotes everyone back to trust level 0

Are you talking about trust levels?

Hmmm, I don’t think this is correct. They will be in the TL1 group but they will also be in in TL2.

If what group is deleted?


Yes, trust levels. Once a custom group is deleted anybody in that group is demoted to trust level 1 again

We’ve made custom groups (Discourse Meta) on our discourse site

Are members of those groups assigned a higher trust level for being in that group? If so, I’d expect them to lose that trust level if the group was deleted.