Building a new community, why you need a blog as a front page?


I’m builing a new community, and I was thinking about using a blog as a main site, and then in a subhost (like forum. or discuss.) install Discourse.

Do you recommend follow that approach? or not?

What’s is your experience about that?

I mean, I can install discourse as the main site only, but I need to decide what’s best for SEO purposes, install it as a subhost or as the main site.

Any opinion would be appreciated.

(etewiah) #2

Hey Pablo, I was thinking about this myself too. What I want is to have a main site (in this case about events) with discourse as a subsite. The key thing for me is to be able to create a topic in discourse from and event (eg a concert) in my main site. I’ll play about with that this week and let you know how it goes.

For now I have created a site called klavado where I have hard coded a welcome message on the landing page. I will update the about page (which is just another static page) every so often as a substitute for a blog.

BTW, I noticed you are based in Madrid. The geek lunch mentioned on my site is for real :wink: Its on this Wednesday and you are very welcome to attend. Would be nice to meet another discourse geek…

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This is an excellent approach and in fact it is how both of our first two partners work, WordPress driving editorial content and Discourse driving the community side.

You can see this in action at and it works great. Click on any article then scroll to the bottom, or click the discussion link at the top.

The necessary WP plugin is at GitHub - discourse/wp-discourse: WordPress plugin that lets you use Discourse as the community engine for a WordPress blog


Thanks for your feedback on this! I enjoy a lot participating on how to geek.

Any other learning that you can have about this approach?

I wonder how many new topics do they have on the community by itself, I mean, not comming from the wordpress posts. Just people starting to participate on the community.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

You can easily calculate this since all the WordPress posts are in the “How to Geek” category, and anything outside that category is from users. Just visit the /categories page and see what kind of counts there are.