Building a Successful Community on Discourse – Introduction



So you’ve got a great idea for a community? Congratulations. You’ve made a solid first decision in choosing Discourse.

But it takes more than a great platform to build a successful community.

To build a thriving community that returns on your investment you need to understand things like

  • how to structure your community to encourage engagement;
  • how to moderate discussions to maintain community health;
  • how to encourage top performers to model desired behaviour; and
  • how to understand metrics and use them to diagnose potential problems.

This guide will arm you with that knowledge.

There is plenty of documentation on how to use Discourse and this guide doesn’t aim to replicate that.

This is about

  • pulling that information together in a way that makes sense;
  • helping you to make informed decisions when designing, building and managing a community;
  • dispelling some of the common myths about community building; and
  • offering support to build a thriving community that returns on your investment.

How it works

This is a work in progress. We have published the full TOC and will add articles and resources as they are ready. All topics can be found in the #cmgrs category.

If you have questions or need further guidance, post in the #community category.

Building a Successful Community on Discourse – TOC