Bulk add to groups with new /groups setup

(Alexis ) #1

Hi there - I just learned that the new way to navigate to Groups settings is via the /groups URL, not via the admin page anymore. What I need to do is bulk add members to a group (as discussed here: Bulk add to Group), but I don’t see the ability to do this with the new /groups setup.

Could you advise on how to bulk add members to a group now?


(Simon Cossar) #2

The Bulk Add to Group functionality still exists. You can get to it by clicking the Groups link in the header menu. On the Groups page, click on the name of the group that you would like to add members to. That will bring you to a groups/group_name page. On that page, click on the hamburger menu that’s on the upper right of the page next to the ‘username or email’ search box. You will see Bulk Add to Group in the dropdown menu.

(Alexis ) #3

Thank you very much @Simon_Cossar!