Bulk selecting larg number of topics crashes browser

Hi all,

We have finally migrated from vB to Discourse.

the forum has a high volume of categories and posts and I want to trim it.

When I try to select all posts from a category (say 4000), to archive, or move to other category or add tags, the browser crashes saying that a large script has stopped the browser and even clicking the wait or continue bottom, nothing happens and cannot select all messages.

What would be the best way to re-organise our forum into fewer categories?


The best way would have been to reorganize before the import (or modify the import to do the reorganization). Your best bet now would be to use the rails console.

See Bulk move many topics from one category to another


@jomaxro thanks for that, the old site was compromised and and I did the import into Discourse (which ran for 50 over hours on a 8 core, 32GB RAM virtual server) and ideally we don’t want to run it again and I can run the rails commands as needs be :+1:


I fully understand, I’m sorry your site was compromised.

The rails command should work fine, just be prepared for it to run for a bit without any output to the console.