Bulk user invites - instant acceptances

(Gavin) #1

I’ve just sent out about 2,000 invites for users that had registered with my old forum. Process seems to work well.

However… I’m noticing a lot of instant invitation acceptances. Do some email providers crawl links in emails looking for potential threats, spam, etc.? If so, this seems to remove some of the usefulness of the feature.

Anyone have any observations about this? I guess people could be clicking links as alerts pop up on phones, but I’m feeling the response rate is just too good.

(Matt Palmer) #2

Yes, some security products scrape the content of URLs in received e-mails looking for malware. It’s not great, and we’ve got all sorts of freaky workarounds in various places to try and deal with the problem. Possibly invite acceptance hasn’t had The Treatment (yet).

(Gavin) #3

Do you know if looking at the “Topics Viewed” and “Posts Read” stats on the Admin > Users > Active list would give a better idea? I guess the 0 0 ones would probably be link crawlers at play. I guess I can’t trust number that aren’t 0 0 either as the crawler might follow a few links to gather info?

I’m loving my play with Discourse so far - good work! Giving the forum platform a fighting chance against Facebook groups by making everything so much easier to do.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

We should probably improve this so a JavaScript check or an explicit HTTP POST button action is required to process the invite @techapj – basically, if a curl request to the URL “accepts” the invitation, that is super bad for the reasons described above.

(Arpit Jalan) #5

This is now done via: