Bullet point broken quoting

(Wint) #1

Paste this into an edit window:

First bullet:
"More text here"

Second bullet:
“Even more text here”

Highlight First Bullet: line and click Bulleted List

Highlight Second bullet: line and click Bulleted List

Quoted text under second bullet isn’t quoted.

I’m not sure where the bug is, I thought it was the colons in the bullets but that’s not it. Also I wasn’t sure if the quoted text under a bullet point should be quoted at all, the markup for blockquote is > not ".

(Matches) #2

The second set of quotes aren’t normal quotes. Looks like the word modified quotes.

(Wint) #3

Huh. I copied this from a forum, not a word doc. Nice eye!

(Kane York) #4

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