Buy/Sell category?

(Justin Gordon) #1

Would it make or not make sense for us to have a Buy/Sell category on I’m not sure if it would clutter things up or if the community would like it.

Maybe we just delete posts that don’t sell within a month, and ask people selling to delete once gear sells?


Auction feature
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, buying and selling are hugely popular uses of forums.

Longer term we plan to have special support for this.

(Ian Carroll) #3

Deleting things seems to be against the Discourse “philosophy”, at least from what I’ve seen using the software. When creating a category, you can set an automatic close time for topics. This might be better.

As for if your community would like it, post a thread in the meta category! I’m sure they’d weigh in their own opinions and decide for themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Either delete, or close/archive.

Deleting can be OK. I regularly delete topics from meta that are so obsolete they’d be misleading or downright wrong to any new users who happened to encounter them.

(probus) #5

In the mean time, customizations on the category page would make it relatively easy to have/test special formatting on buy/sell or other ‘special’ categories trough plugins. I hope we’ll get that soon. The best ideas could later be merged into the official stuff when that time comes.

(Greg Swallow) #6

Not sure if I’d prefer deleting or maybe just greying out ‘closed’ topics in a buy and sell section…I think somehow archiving them to be still readable but not listed in the category would be great.

The already discussed feature of a thumbnail image of a picture from the first post would be good for a buy and sell section - Reddit Style picture thumbnail on the left

(Por) #7

Any update to this? Would LOVE to have a buy/sell, even auction would be fantastic!

(Sam Saffron) #8

No updates yet, but if you want progress made make some visual mockups explaining exactly how you would like to see this work.

(Por) #9

Ok so I spent some time trying to figure how this would be implemented. The way I see is the user should have the title, text content and pictures in the post like normal and have the auction/buy now work similar to what it looks like when there is a poll (I have not made a picture of how that would look, yet). The pictures below are like when there is a pop-up similar to when a poll is made.

Below is how it would look if the user choose Auction (under “Type”, set as standard).
Item: New/Used
Time: 1 day (24h), 2 days (48h), 3 days (72h) et.c (if you want to set a specific date maybe you have a better way)
Pay: PayPal, Bank Transfer, Other. This should be standard maybe.
Starting price: At what price the auction should start on. Currency should be set in admin.
Buy Now price: Someone bid this amount (or maybe there is a “Buy Now” button) the auction is over.
Reservation price: If user set this the auction price must end over this amount or the auction is not won.
Shipping price: User set shipping price.
Restart auction: If auctions ends without a winner the auction is restarted indefinitely.

Here is what it looks like if user choose type: “Buy Now”.

I have the auction hammer (in the blue button) in both .ai and .png if you want it. I’ll post the png file below.

(Por) #10

Also will write this before I forget:

  1. After there has been made a bid the author of the auction can no longer edit anything in the post.
  2. After Auction is over an automatic e-mail will be sent out to the author of the auction with the e-mail of the winner.
  3. “Pay” should be editable in admin panel so it applies to countries.

Now I´ll try to design the “front end” (what all users see when auction has been added).

Update 1: I updated both pictures again with Qty (Quantity).

(Por) #11

Alright, I added all the texts that is needed to be there (that I know of for now). The design is up for discussion but at least I have something to show.

Here is what the main idea looks like for users who want to bid/buy in the front-end.

When someone tries to bid for something or strait up buy it a small popup window appears to make sure people understand that a bid means a bid and if you don’t want to bid then don’t press “Yes”.

This is what it would look like in a thread in Discourse.

What are your thoughts?

(Por) #12

Ok so a full recap of everything. Hopefully this will explain both how it works (front-end and back-end) and the design. Files can be downloaded here together with .ai files of hammer and wallet.

Back end (admin panel)
Ok so I thought about how it would be structured in admin panel regarding the “auction/buy now” feature. I think it should be done under ”Settings” -> ”Required” as it is a vital part of the Discourse system (or at least that is what I think).

  1. “Currency”. We need a field where the administrator can write in the international currency code that is wanted to use on the forum. For example if I, who live in Sweden, want to add Swedish Cronor as the currency to use then the code should be ”SEK”. By default it should be United States dollar.
    Information regarding currency codes can be found here:

  2. ”Pay”. This feature will help the user chose how he/she wants to get paid. In admin panel I want a field where I can write what I want to have available for the user to choose from (PayPal, Bank Transfer, Other, et.c). In admin panel it should be added like this with a comma between each option: PayPal,Bank Transfer,Other,AliPay
    This system makes it very adaptable and easy to set up.

Front-end (end user)

This is what the users of the forum will see. Below I write how it should be done.
NOTE: Auction window should always be displayed on top of the post, making it easy for the users to always have it in the same position and not having to scroll around in the post searching for it.

  1. If a user wants to setup an auction or ”Buy Now” he should start a new thread and write what the auction is about like any normal post, describing what he wants to sell, add pictures et.c like how any normal post would be made.

  2. He will also need to go to the options settings and chose ”Create Auction”.

After that a popup appears. By default the “Type” is set as “Auction”

He can now fill it out (Auction):

Item: New or Used.
Time: Options are like this - 3h, 6h, 12h, 1day, 2days, 3days, 4days, 5days, 6days, 7days.
Qty: Quantity.
Pay: Here the user can chose how he wants to get paid. Payment options presented on the front-end are set in admin panel.
Starting price: At what price the auction should start on.
Buy Now price: If someone bid this amount or click on the “Buy Now” button, the auction is over.
Reservation price:The auction price must end over this amount or the auction is not won by the highest bidder.
Shipping price: User set what the shipping price is.
Restart auction: If auctions ends without a winner the auction is restarted indefinitely.

If the user wants a “Buy Now” instead of an Auction then he change the Type and it will look like below.

He can now fill it out (Buy Now):
Item: New or Used.
Qty: Quantity.
Pay: Here the user can chose how he wants to get paid. Payment options presented on the front-end are set in admin panel.
Buy Now price: If someone bid this amount or click on the “Buy Now” button, the auction is over.
Shipping price: User set what the shipping price is.

After Auction or Buy Now has been finalized

This is how it COULD look. The design is up for debate but the content of it should be everything that is needed for potential bidders to make a proper decision if they want it or not. Note that the leading bidder is displayed on the bottom right with an avatar.
NOTE: If it is just a “Buy Now” auction then the “Buy Now” button should replace the yellow “Bid on auction” button and the white field to the left of it.

And this is how it could look in a post.

If a user click on “Bid for Auction” or “Buy Now” (if it is available) then a popup appears asking the user if he/she really wants to move forward with the process (this is to make the user think twice and just not bid on everything “willy nilly”.

After the user has made the bid it should display like this (with your avatar on the bottom right). After auction is won it should change from “Leading bid” to “Winner”.

After a user won an auction an automated PM will be sent out to the owner of the auction with info about who won the auction, at what price the auction ended and the total cost (with shipping).
The winner should also have gotten an e-mail with information regarding how to pay for the auction and the total amount to pay.
NOTE: In order for the winner of the auction to know where to pay there should be a field in settings for every user where they can fill out their payment info. For example let say I, as admin, have added PayPal and Bank Transfer as the only two possible payment methods in the admin panel, because of this there are two fields in the user settings (for every registered user of the forum) where they can fill in their info for PayPal and Bank Transfer.

That should be it I think. I thought about having the possibility to have users grade their experience selling/buying with the buyer/seller, but that is up to the coders of Discourse I guess.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #13

Wouldn’t this be better as a stand-alone app that could be very easily embedded into a Discourse post, much like a Google Map or a YouTube video? (but possibly even more closely integrated, like auction events triggering topic actions such as Closing or bumping.

There are projects that have done a lot of this work already:

Great mock ups nonetheless! :+1:

(Sam Saffron) #14

I am not sure about this, cause the hugely tricky issue would be having the accounts synchronized on both sites.

Part of your trust as a buyer and seller would be your participation and reputation on the forum.

(Por) #15

Yes I agree with the rating system, just have it as it is now with the participation and reputation on the forum.

I think this feature would put Discourse on the map for the best forum ever. Being able to put up an auction or directly sell on the forum is huge, it would get more people to register on the forum just to be able to bid or buy.

(Ruxan) #16

im with you, this could be huge!

im planing to do sell buy on my site, cant wait for this :smiley:


thumbs up for this feature from me also :slight_smile:

(Chagara) #18

1+ for this feature.

(Oka bRionZ) #19

This feature will be useful to make a domain auction like namePros, and it will be a better auction.

(Leah Kramer) #20

I’m currently doing some thinking about buying/selling for one of the Discourse forums I work on.

One thing that occurs to me is that open markets like eBay, Etsy, etc have spent years working out solutions to issues like dispute resolution, seller/buyer reputation tracking, preventing/handling fraud, etc etc etc.

As forum administrator, how do you deal with all that?

Just some questions I’m grappling with and I’m curious how others feel about it…