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(Caue Rego) #1

From the “buy” page:

Other Questions?
Need support for an on-premise install? Seeking a sitewide license? Other questions not answered here? Email us at …

Wouldn’t it be better to at least point people they can also ask questions here? Better yet, should they do it?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

It’s really better to send email in this case.

(Caue Rego) #3

Really sorry, I’m personally still struggling to grasp this whole privacy concept, as I must suffer some kind of disfunction on this topic. I suppose this meta need to have a focus, like the stack exchange network, to keep people’s interest and some organization. Right?

So, I also suppose it doesn’t happen often, but you guys do delete a few things now and then, even if they’re not any kind of spam or garbage, as to keep the focus.

Would something along these lines be the reason why emails are prefered?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Sales is a hands on thing, involving person to person interactions. It is not about scale, but individual connections.

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(Caue Rego) #5

Well, I just didn’t get it at all then why my personal question got wiped. I didn’t take it personally at all ( as many may assume, plus I’ve created a similar request on the market then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) just really trying to understand the concept here.

Anyway, back to the topic…

Is it maybe purely sales culture / psychology then?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

It was a duplicate, we don’t need another topic when your answer was delivered identically in a different topic. Why ask the same thing twice?

(Caue Rego) #7

Okay, that does explain the deletion…

Of course I don’t agree it was a duplicate at all. In one I was making a generic question that you had a generic “no, we don’t” answer in a topic that was easy to find. On the other I’ve made it a very specific case, adding a few items I personally needed (like in the similar request) and asking for a solution to it, which could have a different answer not only from you, like it happened on the market (got a PM from it). It’s all in the details.

I also see how my actual question up there was once again confusing, so I’ve edited it. Twice now.

Maybe there’s a technical aspect as well… Too many duplicates can make searching much harder. But, as a technical aspect, it could technically be solved in another now obvious way: marking topics as duplicate and not showing 'em on search! :wink:

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