Cache is not clear

Hello I install discourse version 2.2. I have a cache problem that after I save the data and check from the database and see the data in the tables. I refresh the page and old data comes to the page. What should I do? It is really urgent !!!

You aren’t really giving us a lot of information to work with here.

What’s the URL for the site?

How was it installed? Did you follow our install guide or use a third-party package?

Is this a single container install?

Are you using Cloudflare or any kind of reverse proxy?


It is a single server with 5 different docker containers:

  • App
  • Web
  • DB
  • Sidekiq
  • Redis

And Installation steps are as follows:

  1. We install the package with git clone

  2. Set the ENV parameters

  3. sudo docker build --no-cache --tag
    sudo docker login -u frm -p 123456
    sudo docker tag t
    sudo docker push
    git clone --branch frm1.0.0
    sudo docker build --no-cache --tag  the-installation-package.web:1.0.0 .
    sudo docker tag t the-installation-package.web.1.0.0
    sudo docker push
    git clone --branch rm1.0.0
    sudo docker network create lb_web
    sudo docker network create back
    sudo docker-compose pull
    sudo docker-compose stop && sudo docker-compose rm -f
    sudo docker-compose run app bash -c "sleep 30 && bundle exec rake db:migrate  
    sudo docker-compose run app bash -c "bundle exec rake admin:create"
    sudo docker-compose up -d
    sudo docker-compose ps

Then we have docker list that we have 5 dockers with state up.
We start to change the settings of the site on the localhost.
And sure that it saved to the database from controlling the tables.
after refreshing the page old datas fill out the page.
What should we do? It is really urgent!!

Why do you need 5 different docker containers? Why not use the simple single container setup?


For adminstration reasons we set up server like this. Is this a problem?
İf this will work, we will install it on two physical servers with 2 docker for db, 2 docker for app, 2 docker for web containers. If you say this doesn’t work like that we will find another solution.

It might be possible, but it will require a significant amount of knowledge and configuration. The only installation we can support on this forum is the official guide.


We installed also single container setup which is supported by Discourse(discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub). I have tried creating the admin password with rake admin:create But I’m getting an error with blank page.
What is your advice?

Out of curiousity, what’s stopping you completing the wizard as normal and creating the account that way?

What does the error say?


No error just old data comes, not the one I changed