Cakeday/Anniversary behind 1 day?


In another community, it seems that today (2018.06.07) i had my first anniversary.
I saw this due to the notification which is on the right side of the screenshot.
But if you look on the left side, i do not appear there. It is as if i actually had my celebration yesterday (2018.06.06), but got the notification too late.

Is this a problem with the cake plugin, with the other community’s forum times? With my time? (how could that be, my time and date seems fine!)

(Christoph) #2

Check out this topic:


I saw that bug (i should’ve linked it), but the discussion there was left hanging, so that’s why I created a support post instead of resurrecting a 1 year old thread.

Plus: my birthday is not today, nor tomorrow, nor in upcoming. I think it was yesterday.


Yep: it is yesterday: