Call for participants in a support training program for skilled Discourse users

As Discourse grows, so does the need for skilled Discourse users. To help bridge the skill gap, I have been working on a training program to allow anyone with a good understanding of how hosted apps work to learn how to fully set up, manage and grow a Discourse community from a technical standpoint.

We want to make it easy to highlight the skilled members of the community that can technically support community owners to start and scale their Discourse community.

Currently, these badges are being given as one completes the training.

In this training, you’ll learn by doing which is the open source way. You’ll complete varying tasks across different aspects of Discourse and as you complete them, you level up through the program.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, request to join the Discourse Experts Group or send a DM and I’ll take it from there. I also wrote an explainer topic for the program if you want more detail:

This program is still being adjusted as we go, so any and all feedback is welcomed.