Calling External API on new Post

(Zajako) #1


I’m using Discourse for a video game server that I run, I’m wanting to put a reward in the game for posts on the discourse board. Maybe even for like’s and such as well.

I am inquiring as to how difficult it would be to send an API call to an external script on another domain, when a new topic or reply is posted with a key and the name of the person who posted.

That script would then handle the rest as far as sending them some form of digital currency.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Can’t this external script poll ?

Not the same thing, but this way no plugin is necessary.

(Zajako) #3

Yeah, that would be possible, though it would be a bit more work to ensure it does so properly. I think a plugin shouldn’t be too hard to make for this, though before I even try I wanted to know from someone who has made plugins.