Calling out for the Finnish translation team!

(ljpp) #1

I am ramping up a big forum with Finnish as the default languate. We are now in a public beta testing phase, running the new one.

One of our members stepped up immediately, pointing out that there are some inconsistencies in the translation and that he would like to improve it. He has experience in making translations and he just joined Transifex for this purpose.

Now this is totally new territory for me, so I am calling for fellow Finnish Discourse users to get him into the right direction. How to submit minor changes to the translation project so that they will eventually appear in a future Discourse release?

Check this out (in Finnish): Discourse käännöksen parantaminen.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

Just use the Transifex. Every week translations from Transifex are imported to Discourse.

(rizka) #3

That’s me. A few years ago I worked on translating a Firefox plugin. That time the tool we used was Crowdin, which is very similar to this one.

Finnish translation already exists in Transifex and all strings are in “reviewed” state, thus I have no rights to edit those. Should I download the original translation and set up Finnish 2.0 or what is your suggestion? I’m quite confused and would really appreciate the help.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

I think you need someone from the @team to give you rights.

(rizka) #5

Yep, that’s what I thought in the first place. @probus or @codinghorror are the coordinators for the project. I guess I tag them here and see if they show up.