Can a user edit their user title?

I use user titles to show the “job title” a user has in our organisation. If their job title changes, they cannot change this themselves and only admin users can do this. There’s no option to edit the title in the user’s profile. Am I using titles wrong, or should they be able to edit their titles?

I’m not using the badge system.

AFAIK users aren’t supposed to be able to edit their titles, unless they choose from a badge they’ve earned that are enabled for titles.


In related news, I have become the CEO of your company, @vindia! :wink:

Interesting request, first time I have heard it. Usually (formal) titles change very, very rarely. Some Discourse instances treat full name as a title, which the users can and do change all the time for reasons of hilarity.

Using the job title as a “Title” is actually one of the original use-cases, and hence they were admin-editable only at the beginning. As long as nobody picks a badge-based title, you’ll be fine.

note: title changes are not logged

@codinghorror I would love to have you on board as the CEO, so your offer is accepted :wink:

Maybe I should make it a little more clear where I’m using Discourse for. It’s being used by a political party for internal discussions in various groups (e.g. one for people involved in campaigning, one for people who are elected representatives, etc). I’m using the title field to show a little bit about the person in the discussion, e.g. Head of Campaign in $city or Councilor in $place. Sometimes, these roles change and I wouldn’t mind if users could change this themselves.

Yes, technically they could say that they have a fake role, but given the fact that this is a relatively small group of people who usually know each other in some form, I don’t expect this to happen often.

Then again, if this is not possible and only admins can update the title, it’s perfectly fine. These roles don’t change that often anyway.


Yeah it is not possible atm

The best workaround I can recommend is this: Create a topic in your Meta category for “title change requests”.


I can edit my title now on Meta… I can choose between two badges I’ve earned, it seems, Bug Reporter and Customer

It’s hard to pick…

If feels buggy though…

On another forum, I can’t edit anyone else’s title from their preferences page (despite being an admin). On my own preferences page, I can see my title, but clicking Edit only let’s me choose from two badges - neither of which are my current title, and there’s no cancel button.

How did you do this?

(Found this topic on top of Google)

@dylanh7241 The text you quoted is taken out of context a little, and was also from a time when I didn’t really understand how the titles work.

Users cannot edit the title field (which would be visible on the Admin page of their profile).

Admins can designate certain badges to be used as the Title, however, and end users can pick between those badges as they are earned.

In my case, I was lamenting that it was hard to pick between two I’ve earned here, and that there was no Cancel button in the selection process.

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The best way to show a job title is using a custom_user_field, show it on user card, and sync it via SSO.


I’m confused. Are we saying that only a privileged few can have a title under their name at Discourse Meta ? Is there a technical reason why everyone can’t just set their title at will? I didn’t even think this was a title. I didn’t know I could even have a title until an admin on a Discourse site told me that titles exist in Discourse. He offered to fill in a title for me which is nice and all but that’s just weird. Users should be empowered to change their titles since they seem to function like a bio on Twitter (and unlike “About me” in Discourse, which users can control). I realize that this is an old thread so please correct me if I’m misunderstanding something. Thanks.

Any user can change their title from their Preferences setting to any that are availble to choose from.
If there are none available to choose from the select will show only <none>
The only way to have this title changed to custom text is for Staff to do it.

If you want to have a user filled title field, that’s one thing custom user fields can be used for. Such fields can be displayed on user cards and profile pages.


Thanks, @Mittineague I just shared your reply at Titles next to names - Forum feedback - open source design


Can I ask (@codinghorror maybe?) how you got the forum to show the form:

{Full Name} {Username} {Title}

Above each post?

I was fiddling with the settings just now and while I can make full name show in user cards, and also make Username rank below Full Name, I can’t see how to make the full name appear for every post?


Disable the site setting prioritize username in ux


I did that but it didn’t cause them to show above posts. Is it because full name isn’t mandatory and not everyone has one?

As you can see, the full name is not mandatory here on Meta. You probably have to wait for some job on sidekiq to see the changes on your site (some jobs run one a day).

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Ooh right, thanks a lot.

I am a site admin and allowed to update it to reflect the general desires of the users but I don’t have any server access etc. so I’ll wait and see for now.