Can Admin Disallow Changing Email Address and Usernames?

(pkustl) #1

This forum application is great. I have successfully built it and started to run. Our forum is close community which all users and emails are imported automatically from our school’s database. All users are required to check their official email address regularly. So I do not want the users change their email addresses. Also, the system allocate an username to each one. This can not be changed too.
I think for a close community, many companies or school may have such kind of demands. Is there any way to modify the code and achieve the above mentioned objectives? Thanks!
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(Sander Datema) #2

You can set username_change_period in the settings to 0 to disable the change of usernames.

(Sam Saffron) #3


we should pull this in shortly.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I think it’s a fine change personally, I can see if you have some sort of custom auth you would want to suppress local editing of username/emails.

(Kane York) #5

That has now been implemented if your forum is using the built-in SSO. :slight_smile:

(William Chambers) #6

Slightly off-topic, but I presume it currently isn’t possible for a user registered via SSO to change their username? It seems like this could cause some issues if people used unrelated accounts to register.

(eriko) #7

I was wondering about this myself. In at least the CAS plugin the username is separate from the loginname as they are stored separately. I looks like in the Official Single-Sign-On for Discourse has a external_username and a username and separate things. This makes me think you can allow it.