Can admins see posts when post deleted by user?

(gingerling) #1

Hi, a topic someone made later disappeared (url just takes you to welcome thread) I am guessing it was deleted? How can I check as admin that it really was deleted? Can I see anything about this post in my admin dashboard?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Go to their profile, see the deleted count at the top, click on it.

It is not possible for regular users to delete topics. They can only delete posts, and even then, there is a 24 hour notice posted prior to the removal.

(gingerling) #3

mmm, I think we have a problem then…

One of our regular forum members (basically a moderator/admin though he does not have those privs atm as the forum is new and we are testing the automatic promotion thing) said:

Just noticed that a number of topics and replies made today have disappeared.
For example this one

that url just goes straight to the welcome topic now. I can’t see who made the post and there isn’t anyone else with the ability to delete them - I am the only admin.

(Rodrigo) #4

The post disappear when the upgrade discourse process was suddenly interrupted (my X server crashed). I upgraded to discourse 1.3.0beta10. Then I needed to start postgres manually (as it seems it was not running, or the upgrade process couldn’t connect at least) and run the upgrade process again, but some posts were missing.

After this I stopped and started the container again, just to check everything starts fine, and it does.

Isn’t there any way to recover the lost posts, right ?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Are you working with @gingerling? Are you both referring to the same situation?

(gingerling) #6

yes, we work together

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Ok this has to do with whatever import it is you are doing, not any user taking action.

(Rodrigo) #8

Sorry I didn’t say that, yes, we work together.

@codinghorror whatever import it is I’m doing ? I’m not sure what you refer to, I was just running the upgrade via the web interface on /admin/upgrade (upgrading discourse itself)