Can an administrator post iframe based podcast episodes for discussion?

I’m about to start a new Discourse community to discuss weekly podcast episodes. My podcast host is Blubrry and they provide a way of embedding a podcast player in an iframe.

Here’s the player code without the first and last angle brackets:

iframe src="//" scrolling=“no” width=“100%” height=“138px” frameborder=“0”></iframe

I tried to create a one box with this code (including the angle brackets) in a new topic and nothing appeared.

I understand from previous posts in this community that using iframes is a problem because of security risks.

As an administrator, I would be the only person creating topics like this for discussion of a weekly podcast episode.

I’ll be grateful for any observations.


You can either:

  1. Use a service that already have an Onebox ready, like SoundCloud:

  1. Convince people from blubrry to implement oembed

  2. Write or pay someone on #marketplace to write a custom plugin with blubrry onebox.


Thanks very much for your speedy and effective response @Falco!

I’ve just passed on your suggestions to Blubrry and I’ve invited them to have a look at this discussion.


See also on the onebox domains whitelist explanation:


Thanks Jay. I had a look at the onebox domains whitelist explanation. I’m beginning to understand rather more about what’s going on.

I’ve now had a message from Blubrry to say that they’ve asked their lead developer to review this discussion and to comment.

As an aside, Blubrry use a Simple Machines Forum for support. I’m really hoping that they like what they see when they visit here!


We (Blubrry) added the iframely as well as twitter and oembed, open graph tags to our player. You can test here:

We have open graph and twitter tags on our main podcast directory. I am now looking at adding iframely and oembed there as well.



Thanks very much for joining this discussion @Angelo_Mandato!

I’ll be very grateful for any observations from forum members on what Angelo is doing here.

Will the changes that Angelo is making enable their podcast player to embed in Discourse successfully?

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I’ve had a message from @Angelo_Mandato that has apparently been white listed, presumably by Discourse administrators? Might this take some time to be implemented?

Does this mean that the URL below should now be translated into a Onebox? It’s currently appearing as a URL.

I’ll be really grateful for any observations.


Thanks for implementing the OpenGraph protocol! :heart_eyes:

Here is an Podcast from blubrry when whitelisted:

Ping me again when you get oembed ready.


Thanks for this @Falco.

It’s great to see the progress here and very encouraging.

From my perspective, about to launch my podcast, I’d hoped to see an embedded player with a big “play” button, like the SoundCloud box earlier in this thread. Is this what I should hope for with the Blubrry player @Angelo_Mandato? Or will it look like the image pasted by Falco?

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Since he got to implement OpenGraph on the main Directory that’s what we have now.

When he gets to implement the oembed it should work as the SoundCloud one.

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Excellent! - thanks again for all of your help :smiley:

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@Angelo_Mandato, any update on oEmbed implementation?