Can I add a loading image like slack has while the app is loading?

(Sam Saffron) #1

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Slow loading times for a topic's title
(Sam Saffron) #2

No, this is not supported at the moment and is not really planned.

Discourse does first load at around 5 seconds, and repeat loads at less than 3.

This has been deemed acceptable and we do not plan to add this kind of feature any time soon.

We may… consider something simple here for slow mobile platforms like android… not sure.

(Charles Walter) #3

Thx @sam. We expect a large audience to enter from Latin America and from mobile phones, in particular Android. So it would great if there were an easy way to have a small GIF that could help them be more patient. Even if it were the same spinner image.


Would be great if we could add a simple progress bar like the one

(Charles Walter) #5

Precisely @mr8 :).

(First time responding from email)

(Charles Walter) #6

Any chance a loading inage could be considered for a future version of Discourse? I just came back from Colombia, and I tried showing our community to a few people on their phone, and the initial white screen was a bit painful :frowning:

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Were they Android devices?

(Charles Walter) #8

Two were new Android devices. One was an iPhone 5. Obviously connection speed is a major factor as well.

We seem to get a lot of first time visitors from LatAm mobile devices, but we are having difficulty converting them into members. I believe that looking into this experience can greatly help us in the long term.

(Charles Walter) #9

Very excited about the performance enhancements in 1.5, but was wondering if we’d ever consider a slack-like loading image, to let those first-time Android 3G users know that the fun is on its way :).

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #10

I have used a pure CSS spinner that gets hidden when the JS finish to draw the page, at another project.

Also, when the a forum is added to the Android home screen the native chrome loading bar is hidden :sadpanda:.

(Charles Walter) #11

@falco, do you know the code needed to detect that JS has finished drawing the page, to then hide the spinning div.

(Charles Walter) #12

@falco, bigger problem it seems is that I am unable to load something directly after the body tag on mobile. So even if I try to put a spinner in the “top” area of customizations, that won’t show up until the JS loads. Not sure if there’s a way to trigger the spinner to display from the “head”.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #13

This probably need some changes in core. We got a lot better topic render time, today I’m more worried about front-page with cold cache (my usual first hit when checking the forums with my phone).

(Charles Walter) #14

Right @falco. I’m also just worried about the experience of the first time users who happen to land on a topic or a category page. In March, more than 90% of the reported mobile users visited for the first time.

I wish there were a way to see the number of users who tried loading Discourse to number of users completed the first page load. By my tests, Google Analytics loads at about 8 seconds on a 3G connection, when the DOM loads.

Anyhow, I didn’t do the measurement before 1.5, but I have to imagine this is better than before. So we’re definitely seeing progress.