Can I add a plugin if I'm using Discourse hosting?

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Hi there!

I’m looking to install a plugin that would solve a lot of our problems - the plugin basically allows users to vote for the best/most relevant answers in a topic, guaranteeing that the best answer is always at the top. This is something we’re looking to set up for all of our categories that are under “Support”.

We are on a business plan and not looking to move up to Entreprise for now, and we are using Discourse hosting. My questions:

Is it possible to install a plugin when using Discourse hosting?
Can we set up a plugin for one group of categories only?

For context, this is the plugin we’ve been looking at:

And this is our forum:

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Non-enterprise CDCK hosting is done in a way that multiple forums are colocated under a single instance of Discourse’s Rails app. This forces them to share a Ruby runtime, and, as a result, they all end up with the same set of plugins installed.


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Thanks - this response is correct.

Custom plugins are limited to Enterprise subscribers. I would suggest making use of the Solved plugin that is already available to you - you can turn that on by default by category.


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Thanks for the answer @supermathie ! Yes, we already have that set up on our forum. However we struggle a bit with relevant answers and I was hoping that this could be a solution… :disappointed:

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Thanks for clarifying that!! That’s exactly what I was afraid of haha.

I’ve also read somewhere that we could suggest plugins to be added to that single instance so that they make them available to everyone that’s on non-entreprise CDCK hosting - do you know anything about that?


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So it’s not quite as simple as “added to that single instance”, but that’s not important here.

Additional plugins incur support costs (once we add a plugin to our hosting we have to maintain it), so we can’t just bundle everything together for everyone. We review the plugin bundles for our hosting packages occasionally, and I’ll note your interest in this plugin for the next review.

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