Can I completely block any posts with a particular URL?

(Lowell Heddings) #1

I’m not sure if this is possible already, but here goes:

We’ve been getting spammed constantly with the same exact URL (the one shown in the screenshot below). It’s annoying, and it seems like we could add this URL into a complete blacklist, where the user is blocked instantly from creating any new posts, and the post is never seen by anybody (except moderators).

This kind of feature always leads to false positives… but in this case, I can’t imagine it would. Could also restrict it to just users with under 10 posts, or something like that.

Any plans to do something with ScreenedURLs
(Jeff Atwood) #2

We just added IP blocking (which is automatic, if a spammer is removed), so let’s see if that helps first.

Note that you can also block entire IP ranges if you want, via the admin, logs, blocked IPs. @Neil can you post some examples of that with screenshots?

(Neil Lalonde) #3

If you delete a spammer from the flag modal, it will also block signups from the exact IP address that the user was coming from.

In admin, under Logs > Screened IPs, you can see the IP addresses that are being blocked, and can add more.

By default, only exact IP address matches are added when you delete a user. In the above screenshot, a spammer was at If you find a lot of spammers are coming from 119.6.*.* addresses, you can change that entry to match all those addresses and prevent them from creating accounts.

Click edit, and then change it to an IP address with a subnet mask (typically /24 to match the first three parts, or /16 to match the first two).

For people running a site in an internal network, you might need to whitelist a range of IP addresses. Choose Allow insead of Block to whitelist them. Internal IP addresses are whitelisted by default, so I don’t think anyone will need to do this manually:

(Anton) #4

Nice feature.
Is there any specific message showed to one coming from a blacklisted IP?