Can I get rid of emails and just allow facebook, twitter etc logins?

(D00137007) #1

Only recently set up a discourse forum and it wasn’t even spammy, but sparkpost banned my account and refused to give a reason. I want to get rid of email altogether since it’s causing loads of hassle.

Is it possible to just use facebook / twitter etc? Or does that still depend on emails to be sent to whatever email address is associated with their facebook or twitter account?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

That’s a very interesting question.

You would, of course, lose the ability to send people notification emails, which seems like a huge loss, but I think that if you have social logins configured you could turn off enable local logins and not have to send emails to verify accounts. You should also turn on disable emails.

Do Facebook users get emails?
(D00137007) #3

That’s exactly what I want to do, I’m sick and tired of mail providers and having issues accessing my server at the moment so just want to be able to change stuff in the forum itself.

No users can sign up to my site right now since emails aren’t sending :frowning: Only issue is the users I have now don’t all have facebook/twitter details, some have emails and passwords obviously.

(D00137007) #4

I’ve no idea why you can’t edit email settings natively, I’m badly stuck at the min

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

Yes. There are topics you can find on that subject. The only way to change mail settings is to edit app.yml.

Since you don’t want to send mail anymore, though, it doesn’t matter.

(D00137007) #6

Yeah but it’s not an option right? If I do what you originally said no old users could log in at all. They’d have to set up a new account, including me (the admin!). Dangerous

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

If the email address on their current account and the social login are the same, then they’ll get the same account.

But yes, users who don’t have their address connected to the social media account will lose it.

The best solution would be to get email working, but that’s not what you asked. :slight_smile: