Can I have a mark as unread button?

A Mark as Unread button within read topics (and categories) would also be a pleasure to have. Not just a Mark as Read button! :grin:

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This feature already exists:


I don’t see such a button within read topics. Regardless, a button should exist for its counterpart.

You have to enable it on your profile as explained in the link.


Oh, why is it called “defer” of all things instead of “mark as unread” or something like that.

Like Nahled, I would like to see a counterpart to that button. An “undefer” button…

That is called “visiting the topic” :slight_smile:

“Mark as Unread” is long, the text on the button would be huge, that said, every piece of text on Discourse is customizable, feel free to edit it however you want on your Discourse instance.


It isn’t easy to mark topics as read in mass. That requires actual effort instead of just clicking a button. :wink: