Can I have different digest options for different categories?

(Nick Putman) #1

I am trying to work out the best settings to use for my forum, where I need different levels of notification emails for different categories.

For one category, let’s say Category A, I need users to get all new posts via email, either each time a new post is added, or in a daily update - so I enabled mailing list mode. I now realise though that mailing list mode doesn’t work per category, unless you mute all other categories. Muting all other categories wouldn’t work for my setup, as I would want users to be able to get some notifications for other categories as well.

The ideal setup for me would be separate mailing list modes for different categories, so users could get all content of Category A in the frequency they want, i.e every post or daily, and then set a different frequency for other categories if they want to (including a 3 day and a weekly frequency).

In the absence of this feature, I am thinking that I should disable mailing list mode, set Category A to ‘Watched’ for every user, and then set a frequency for the activity summary for every user which they could adjust to their preference, so that they could also stay in touch with the conversations in other categories. Am I right in thinking that the activity summary doesn’t respect the Watched, Tracked, Watching First Post and Muted settings for categories? It simply sends a summary of activity across the whole forum? Also, am I right in thinking that not all posts would be included in the activity summary, meaning that some content may be missed by users?

The disadvantage of using ‘Watched’ for Category A is that users can’t choose to get a daily update instead of an email for every post, which is an option that I would like them to have. So, I am a little stumped.

I would be glad of some help in choosing the best settings for my scenario.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

I think that’s right, and it seems pretty close to what you want.

There is a digest topics setting that is “The maximum number of topics to display in the email summary,” so you could bump that if you wanted.

(Nick Putman) #3

Thanks Jay. I appreciate you taking time to respond. It looks like I might be close to what I am after. Does the Activity Summary bypass the ‘Watched, Tracked, Watching First Post and Muted’ settings? i.e. does it just send the latest posts on discourse regardless?

Ideally I would like it to bypass all settings apart from Muted, meaning that, as long as the digest topics settings is bumped high enough, they would get all new posts from every category apart from categories that have been muted, in their activity summary.

Also, am I right in thinking that activity summaries are triggered when a user hasn’t logged in to the forum for the period of time they have set next to Activity Summary in their preferences? i.e. if the setting is daily and the user hasn’t visited the forum for 24 hours, an activity summary will be triggered?

(Nick Putman) #4

Sorry to bump this up, but I need to get some clarity on the two questions below before launching my forum, and there is some urgency to do so. If there is a user guide/wiki somewhere that I’ve missed which explains these settings, I would be happy to be pointed to that!

(Jeff Atwood) #5
  1. The user’s watched/tracked and muted preferences are respected in weekly summaries, this is a recent change @neil made in 1.7 beta

  2. Summaries only go out if the user has not been seen on the website in the specified interval

What goes in the activity summaries?
(Nick Putman) #6

Thanks Jeff!

Do you mean that every frequency of activity summary - 30 mins, hourly, daily, etc, respect the watched/tracked/muted preferences, or just weekly?

And, just to be sure, users won’t get emails every time a new post is made on a topic (just a notification on discourse according to their preferences)? Immediate emails only happen if mailing list mode is enabled, which is the mode I am moving away from. Correct?

But, for personal messages and mentions, they will get an email right away. Correct?

I am not normally so slow on the uptake!

And, just for the record, early experiences of Discourse are very positive. I think it’s going to be a winner for our community, so thanks again! :grin:

(Neil Lalonde) #7

Yes, every frequency has the same rules.

On topics with their notification preference set to “Watching”, they will get emailed for each new post. Otherwise they won’t.

There are user preferences to control that.

(Nick Putman) #8

Thanks Neil - that’s very helpful. There’s just one thing one I’d like to check out:

OK, so I understand that Watched = an email each time a new post is made, and that emails for ‘Tracked’ and ‘Watching First Post’ are limited to the Activity Summaries.

My question is: Does ‘Tracked’ include all posts (first posts and replies) in the activity summaries (as long as the threshold for the number of entries in the activity summaries has not been reached).

(Nick Putman) #9

It seems the third setting in your screenshot overrides a good deal of the ‘Tracked’ setting - i.e. @username and replies to one’s own posts will now be delivered immediately, rather than included in the Activity Summary - is this correct?

(Neil Lalonde) #10

It has nothing to do for summary emails. There are other preferences for that.