Can i import users from IP.Board ? Email + Posts/Threads + Reputation

(Tumi) #1

Can i import users form IP.Board ? How can i do it ?

(Mittineague) #2

I don鈥檛 know of any IPB importers, but there are importers that might help you put together one that will work for you.

discourse/script/import_scripts at master 路 discourse/discourse 路 GitHub

(Tumi) #4

Ok. For example i want to run import form phbbb. discourse/script/import_scripts/phpbb3 at master 路 discourse/discourse 路 GitHub

How to run it ? Im beginner

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

I鈥檝e almost finished an IPB importer. There are a couple formatting issues that I鈥檓 evaluating before I submit it as a PR.

(Tumi) #6

THANKS ! i will wait for this !

(Bartusevicius Mindaugas) #7

oh i cant wait it too

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Wait no more: discourse/ipboard.rb at master 路 discourse/discourse 路 GitHub

Continuing the discussion from Discourse 2.0.0.beta2 Release Notes:

(Bartusevicius Mindaugas) #9

Maybe they can explain how to use it, especially for the stupid ones? :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #10

If it works, it works like other importers, so instructions like Importing from Kunena 3 should get you pretty far. That said, I have seen two very different IPBoard database configurations. Some tweaking will likely be necessary that will require more than just following a recipe.