Can I make the topics visible to the public, but the contents locked unless you're logged in?

(Chris Luck) #1

Is there a way to make my entire Discourse community visible to the public… but when someone clicks on a topic, it takes them to the login screen (if they are not already logged in)?

Reason I ask…

I’m trying to create a paid community on the Discourse platform, and I’d like for people to see all of the topics and categories when they go to the main URL (which will be the Discourse community).

But when they click to view a topic, I want to take them to the login screen.


(David Taylor) #2

This could work:

(Chris Luck) #3

Amazing! Just what I need. So once I install this plugin… it should be pretty automatic then?

(David Taylor) #4

It will require a bit of configuration, but yes. The static pages plugin is a good companion - you can set up a custom page to redirect users to when they try and access a topic.

(Chris Luck) #5

Perfect. I just want to redirect people to a payment gateway / cart / signup page (which I’ll create outside of Discourse)… if they click on a topic and are (not) a logged in member. Hope that makes sense.

(David Taylor) #6

That will work. There is a setting which allows you to pick the redirect destination