Can I remove the requirement for E-Mail signup?


I am trying to setup discourse for an event forum. No one at this event (Burningman) will have internet accsess in order to send/receive emails to sign up for my local discourse install. I’m wondering if there is a way I can remove the field for “email” in the sign up portion of the site. Basically I would like it so people can just come, pick a username and password and login. That simple.


I see so this is a local install at burning man and it will only see other local burning man servers and computers and networks – but is completely isolated from the Internet. If that is the case, it is like an on premise intranet install.

Usually those kinds of installs have a local intranet mail server too.

Not sure what the workaround could be here, email is baked very heavily into the design of Discourse. If you could set up a local oauth server of some kind everyone could oauth against that and it could return random email addresses, but more importantly the signup would complete. Of course nobody would get email notifications but you would be able to log in, create accounts, and post and get notifications…


Yah that’s what I was thinking too, but its probably out of my depth to execute. I’ll get on reading that documentation :slight_smile:

And it will just be my server running out of a microwave truck. People will connect to the wifi spot and get redirected to my forum and chat room. But yes, totally isolated from the internet. I had originally setup a mail server attempting to get my original activation email from Discourse, but I could never get it to send, despite my best efforts - I ended up just deploying it in development mode.

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I’m going to try the instructions in this guide. I’ll just create a simple login page when users first login to the network, and will validate against those credentials.

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Should work, and we always assume the email is valid from SSO (which can be a problem sometimes…) so fill in an obviously-bogus email for each user like or some other non-routing local domain and you should be fine.

(There may be a bit of a pile-up of failed email attempts, but there are some ways to fix that, too.)

@brookesrook you can fix that by turning on the “disable emails” setting and using CSS to hide the nag notice (“All outbound email has been globally disabled by an administrator. No emails of any kind will be sent.”)

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Hello again~

About 4 days before I gotta take my project out to the playa, never did have any luck with the oauth server, it did in fact prove to be out of my scope. However, I was wondering if in the actual .tar if I modified some code, removed a line or something in the actual email token section, that any time a user signed up it would automatically set the token value to true… I’m not really sure if that will mess up dependencies or not, but either way… could still use some help figuring this out, otherwise, are any of you guys familiar with another bit of open source forum software that is mobile friendly that I could set up instead, all I’ve found really is Vanilla and the ancient PHPBB.

SSO should be super easy, its a very simple protocol. Don’t bother with OAuth, just make a trivial sign up page and implement the SSO protocol which basically you check the payload you get from discourse and then redirect back signed information.

Perhaps @riking could take a few hours and implement this as a courtesy and possibly sample example code to show off for the world? The “no email” login method…

I know @riking is itching to do a golang binary for this!

That’s the embrace project. I’m IT for that same crew’s current project (Mazu) =p

@Codinghorror I used some of your helpful hints to get past the email requirement as an admin outside of a development module. So thanks for that, I’m not stuck on that at least anymore.

Also, are any of you guys coming out for the burn this year? If so you can find me @ Department of Public Art or Mazu ~ just ask for Brooke.


btw. YES. If he can… it would make everything SO so much cleaner and less confusing…

I would love to see @riking somehow make it to Burning Man, I think I would pay good money to hear the stories afterward :laughing:


We really should send @riking to burning man :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I think there’s probably some conflict of interest problems with you doing that now :laughing:

So you’re saying it needs to be a community-funded effort?