Can I run a referral program through my forum?

(Mohit Joshi) #1

I would like to run a referral program for promoting my forum. I would like to do the following:

  1. Any member (and not just with trust level 3) can invite members to join the forum
  2. Invitations can me made to friends on social sites such as FB
  3. I should be able to track number of invitations sent by each member and number of actual conversions. This would enable me to give special offers and discounts to the person with maximum invites or conversions.

Please let me know if all this can be achieved using core features or existing plugins? Or if there is a better way to run such a referral/promotion campaign?

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(Bryan Holst) #2

I’m highly interested in this also!

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(Sat) #4

I’m also interested in this feature

(Chaboi 3000) #5

This might be a good topic for #marketplace. (If you’re willing to pay)

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(Dannii) #6

There are already badges for inviting people, which could probably be hooked into the groups system.