Can I use discourse as a base (or within) a ruby on rails site?

(Johnny Stewart) #1

I’m looking at using discourse as the forum part of a ruby on rails site. The site will have other parts where users will have their own profile and blog etc so the other part of it will be sort of like a social network. I want to have reputation/user points (some sort of karma system) in use across the site, I’d like this to be site wide, not split between sections of the site. ie I don’t want the user to have x amount of points on the forum and y amount of points in the other parts.

I suppose I really want the users profile managed from one part of the site, integrated with all parts (so more than just SSO). I hope you can understand what I’m looking for from this terrible description…

Will this be possible? - and also will it be easily achieved? (I know it will likely take some work, but I don’t want to be banging my head against a wall for months to get it to work if it is possible…) I’m also open to having this all run as one application if that’s possible too?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

(Robin Ward) #2

I’ve never seen Discourse successfully inserted into another rails site as an engine.

The best approach is to have a different subdomain or path for your site that runs discourse, and link to it from the other parts of your site.

You can use plugins to customize discourse with SSO to get information from the other application.

(Johnny Stewart) #3

I think that will probably be the way to go then. Thanks!