Can keyboard shortcuts use different keys?

  • Arrow keys could mirror the actions of j/k, so instead of scrolling up and down, arrow keys could navigate up and down through topics and posts.
  • The Enter key could act as r (reply) when already on a topic with a post selected - currently it reloads the page, as it opens the topic in which you’re already in.

I think arrow keys + enter would be so much powerful than it is today with these two changes.

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Yes, exactly! Thank you! Keyboard shortcuts need to cover the entirety of Discourse.

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Yes! For example, this checkbox and the “options” button to the left cannot be selected using your keyboard.

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/ or Ctrl+Alt+f Open search

Tab once for the checkbox, twice for the options link.

Trigger a click with Space

All using the standard navigation users with impaired vision have used for decades.


Are you not able to give us the option of simpler keyboard navigation or allow us to change the keyboard shortcuts?

Let us know if there is a keyboard shortcut you are missing!

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I don’t think there are many keyboard shortcuts that are missing. I think the problem lies in the fact that they aren’t customizable. There isn’t a simplified version for the average user.

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Keyboard shortcuts are something we use every day, command + c and command + v or control + c and control + v being the most known, Discourse currently has integrated shortcuts that can not be per-user-customised however I would love to see a feature in preferences where you could edit the shortcuts to fit your needs or globally issue certain keyboard shortcuts for all forum users.

Totally doable as a theme-component. Whoever needs it can commission it in the #marketplace.


Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to do so right now. How much do you think it’d cost? :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry, but I don’t have the money either. If any individual were to step up and offer to commission it, that would be a belated Christmas miracle! :heart: