Can users post anonymously without logging in? (And, if so, can you require acceptance of site Terms of Use before posting?

(Christian Lang) #1

Backstory: I’m launching a Worldpress blog for certain types of new lawyers. I’d like to use Discourse (as opposed to bbPress, etc.) for a related web forum where users can carry on conversations related to posts and ask their own questions, etc. I’d like to allow users to post in the forum without logging in. Is that possible? (A lot of these young lawyers won’t want to give any personal details in case their firms wouldn’t appreciate what they have to say. Not that I’d share any information with them anyway, but I’m worried about driving away potential contributors all the same.)

If that can be done, is it possible to require those same anonymous posters to accept (check a box) my site’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before posting? (You can accomplish this with bbPress using some WP plugins. For a few reasons, I’m committed to requiring this of everyone before they contribute any content to the blog or forum.)

Thanks so much!