Can we allow new or basic users to Invite their friends option?

(Siraj Mahmood) #1

Is it possible, to grant invite friends option to new or basic users. Is there any kind of facility of option available in discourse interface where we can enable or grant this invitation option to all forum users.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Sure, they can use the link icon (on every post and topic) to get links to mail to their friends.

There are no plans to extend invites to trust level 1 or trust level 0 users at this time.

(Christoph) #3

Hm, how about allowing invites for TL1 users in bootstrapping mode?

I understand the rationale of not letting TL1 users do invites in general, but if there is one thing a new forum needs, it is new people who join. Especially since your early users are likely to be among the most committed, I find it somewhat counter productive that TL1 users cannot invite others.

Yes, of course they can copy the link and write an email. But that is true for any user. The invite buttons are useful precisely because they make it much more likely that an invite gets sent. Just one example: a couple of weeks ago, I joined @net_deamon’s discussbook forum and immediately thought of a couple of book-lovers I know who might like to join the forum. But since I couldn’t find an invite button, I forgot about it and those people have not been invited.

It’s not just the copying and pasting and opening my email client, it’s also that you have to write something. And with some of your contacts it may not be socially acceptable to just write something like “Take a look at this interesting forum…” but you have to say a bit more. The invite button alleviates all those pressures and burdens!

Maybe it’s just me, but this often happens to me when I find an innovative website or forum: I immediately think of other people who might want to take a look too. I think it would be very valuable for forum owners to be able to use this early impetus to invite others, possibly even beyond the bootstrapping stage. Indeed, I think it would be very beneficial to be able to permanently allow invites for TL1 (or even TL0, if admins think it helps).

Another example: I just had user X accept my invitation to my forum and I’m happy about this because he represents a user type/ forum subgroup that is underrepresented in my forum. I know that he knows a number of other people of the same type and I wanted to ask him to invite them. But I can’t do it. And I cannot ask him to copy and paste the link and email it to them, as that would require too much commitment on his part.

Currently, you’d have to manually promote everyone (or selected users like user X) to TL2 in order to give them access to invites. But I wouldn’t like to do that because I see trust levels also as an indicator for the natural development of my users and the number of TL2 users is a kind of health indicator for a community that I would not want to mess with for the sake of granting invites. In the case of userX, I would promote him to TL2 with a total read time of 2 minutes or so…

tl;dr: maybe the team could reconsider the strict limitation of invites to TL2+?

Are there any settings I should examine if I want my members to be able to freely invite whoever they want to the forum?