Can we have favorite categories?

(Nowindlee) #1

For now, all categories displayed here:

Can we configure it to set some of them as my “favorate” categories, and only show them here?

And the numbers beside them are “new unread posts” not “all topics”? So we can find is there new topics we may interested easily.

Topic list tabs for user-customizeable saved filters
(Davidyang6us) #2

I’m not a huge fan of how categories are displayed. It looks messy, and large forums with lots of subsections are probably going to have incredibly cluttered category tabs. The color-coding helps, but arranging the categories in a neat grid would be nice.

(Ides) #3

The option for setting up the categories into sections may help organize many, many categories for large forums. I couldn’t imagine looking through 50 or more categories and finding what I’m looking for extremely quick.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

New and unread counts now show next to categories.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) closed #5

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