Can we have special topic type, such as vote topic?

(Tattoo) #1

It is very useful when we need to ask users to vote on something

(malonedotcc) #2

I would think systems like that (voting/polls/etc) would be kept in external plugins, rather than the Discourse core.

(Régis Hanol) #3

A “poll” plugin already exists.

Unfortunately, it is not yet functionnal.

But this is definitively something that will be built.

(Ides) #4

I would like to see the option to place a poll inside of a post rather then having a special topic type. Discussions that start with a poll in the first post will inherit a small icon similar to a sticky but I wouldn’t go beyond that.

(Tattoo) #5

Yes, a poll/voting widget will be good. It is very useful in a lot of place.

However, it may be hard to implement for the backend management of the widgets.

(Ides) #6

You could create dedicated “pages” to each poll then put it in a post similar to a wikipedia page if it would turn out to be a bit too complicated.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Poll topic is coming, there was a recent community contrib that helped. Right now we are stabilizing, not adding too much.