Can we set the load time longer so that the web pages can be loaded fully in areas where the net speed is too slow

Well, my office’s web condition is not good.

Most of the time, the discourse web page can not be loaded fully, I can only get a blank web page in about 5 seconds. And a web browser will only wait 10 seconds before aborting the task.

I know that the first time of the loading will need more network flow, and it will be much less in opening topics.

So, I wonder whether we can set a longer time before aborting the loading task?

You are in serious trouble if Discourse cannot load a page. Once the JS app payload is delivered, all subsequent “page loads” are tiny.


I don’t really know the mechanics.

Sometimes, when the network is not so crowded like in 2:00 AM, I can see the web pages normally, but it will be hard when the network is crowded.

I believe that’s simply because the server is not continuing delivering materials of the webpage after waiting like 10 seconds long, so I hope it can wait longer. Slow is not a big problem, but 10 seconds and abort the job is a big problem for the poor network speed condition.

I am not aware of any 10 second aborts anywhere in the stack


Are you sure you don’t have a proxy killing connections after 10 seconds?

Also, can you show the Network tab of your browser’s Console so we can see what asset/file is timing out?


Typical browser/server timeouts are 30 seconds. You need to do some network analysis to figure out what’s going on here.

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