Can we turn on/turn off display topics public for group?

My forum have a team moderator and admin group and this group can be see private category and “everyone permission category”. But, i wanna public topics and “public categorys” don’t display for them. So confusing!
They can turn on/turn off display topics public and public category?
Can we do that?
Thanks for view my question!

I can’t quite tell what you are asking.

If you want to have some topics in a category have different permissions than the category, the answer is no.

If that’s not what you’re asking then perhaps give examples of the categories and who you want to see them in a table or a list

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Normal website about ecommerce have 2 template: admin and front end; admin template only staff can be see, i use discourse forum but Discourse only setup permission for group, Discourse don’t have 2 template front end and backend. I wanna staff don’t see topics public, only view when necessary. Mean, we can turn on/turn off display topics public when necessary. :slight_smile:
Can you help me?

I’m guessing there is a misunderstanding of how category permissions work?

Category permissions are given to groups.
They are not taken away from groups.

Hence you can not restrict groups from access to public categories.

However, you can create two restricted categories and two groups, and give each group access to only their own restricted category.

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I understand your mind, but i wanna topics plublic mixed with private topic, both of display normal and result search :slight_smile:

Having “mixed” permissions in a category in order to have it “both ways” would likely require Topic level permissions. There is no such thing as topic level permissions. Not that it couldn’t be done with a plugin, but AFAIK, nobody has made any inroads to such a feature.


My mind, we can “Suppress category from latest topics” on setting tab category
Who can help me customize Suppress category for a special group? But, they can be display with public user!

What you are trying to do fights against what Discourse is built to promote, so you will always find it hard

I guess the best solution, as suggested is:

If all your customers are added to a public group ‘customers’ then you can remove everyone permissions from ALL categories and instead allow it for customers instead.

Then all ‘staff’ would need to be in a separate, private, group (that customers could not join) called staff that are allowed to see their dedicated categories - so their content would be private.

If you allow these staff users to join / leave the customers group, then that content would be opt-in for them.

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