Can you create both public & members only worlds?

(Rich Griese) #1

Can you set Discourse up so that some topics or categories can only been seen by members, while others can be seen by visitors as well? I ask because I could see a application were you have a club that wants to have some of the discussions be internal only.

In fact… is there a concert of a “role” that you can assign people to? This would be an extension of the prior part of the question, where you might have a trustee group that needed to have discussions that not even all members should be privy to.


(Mittineague) #2

There are two areas of permission control.

  1. For topics, make them a “message” as in PM
  2. For categories, permissions are set under the Security pane.

For a “public” category, set the permission for the “everyone” group.

You can restrict permissions to specific groups. eg.
staff - for a Staff-only category.
trust_level_0 - for a logged-in-only category.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #3

Yes you can! There isn’t any topic level security, but category level security is quite extensive.

By default, new categories give see, reply, and create permissions to everyone. You can restrict categories however you like, for example removing see permissions from everyone and creating a custom group (like trustee) who does have see permissions. That trustee group may, or may not, have reply or create rights, it’s all up to you.