Can you create multiple categories at once?

I have the need for creating mutiple parent categories at once!

Is there any way to do that?

If you’re talking about dozens of categories and/or sub-categories, the API is probably your best bet (though the Rails console is another way).

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “multiple parents” as a category can have only one parent, but my wife tells me that such pedantic language stuff is often unhelpful.


I feel like spoiler tags need their own discrete like button.


Would give it a try.

:rofl: maybe it does !

@pfaffman off topic question, what’s the markdown/bbcode to blur/hide (spoiler) text?

Here’s another trick…


Ooh. Thank you sir. Very cool.

Use the gear menu on the editor to access spoiler.


Gear menu? Editor?

No. Just type.


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It’s better to show training wheels first, or show both. Plus there’s other useful stuff in the gear menu that people should be aware of. And the gear menu teaches you by inserting it, so if you want to type, you’ll quickly see how.


I totally agree. I was kidding, but I don’t even see those icons. It literally never would have occurred to me!

I do think that it’s cool that unlike Word, using those buttons can teach you how to use markdown. The raw trick is a little geeky, but it can be handy.

Plugin? I don’t have that in either of my instances.

Yes. It’s a plugin.