Can you only only allow Facebook or Google Auth?

(David Myers) #1


I’m not yet a Discourse user but am going to dip my toes in the water soon. Is it possible to set the authentication methods so that users must register/login via Google or Facebook and are not allowed to create an unlinked “singleton”(Not sure what the term in discourse land is) account?


(Aahan Krish) #2

Do you mean, prevent users from signing up using username and password, and instead make register/log-in using Google or Facebook mandatory?

If so, these options are already available. Head straight to your forum settings ( and take a look at:

  • enable_local_logins
  • enable_local_account_create
  • enable_google_logins
  • enable_facebook_logins

…among other settings that might be of interest to you.

(David Myers) #3

@aahank Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.