Can you suspend and notify user of reason, but not affect profile page

(Basil Baluta) #1

I’m a little confused to all the suspend, deactivate, invalidate, block behaviour.

Is there a way to do all of the following with one action/feature:

  1. stop a member from logging in
  2. stop member from posting and responding to topics
  3. stop member from receiving emails
  4. NOT put the reason up on their page
  5. send them a notification why they were suspended

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Suspend, then send a message, like usual. Suspended users will still get messages from staff. Or you could message then suspend.

(Basil Baluta) #3

Ideally its sending them a notice (personal mail, directly to email) that they are getting suspended/got suspended, then suspend.

We envisioned an alternate button next to Suspend called “Suspend and Notify”. Then suspends but sends a message telling the member why.