Cancel buttons should be the same size as regular buttons

(Pirat) #1

I suggest to change
these are original

for this is
icon can change

still advise to change it in style

Try to repeat the style

option 2

for lazy developers
just do a little farther from the button

(mountain) #2

I like your desire for consistency and providing mock ups. :grinning:

I think the original styling is structured to downplay the cancel button so there is no confusion when a user makes a split-second decision to click. Humans are visual creatures first.

However, a light color as you suggest might not hurt the original intention.

(Pirat) #3

developers do not care website :anguished:

(mountain) #4

Have you tried writing your own CSS to match your mockups?

(Robin Ward) #5

Sorry I am finding this a little hard to follow.

What problem are we trying to solve here?

(Mittineague) #6

I may be wrong, but my take is that it’s a suggestion to “buttonify” the other options.

If so, seems some CSS should be able to do that whether adopted into Core or custom per site

(mountain) #7

I think @Pirat was suggesting a different styling of the Action/Cancel buttons, to have consistency with the other buttons on the ux.

Here @Pirat wanted to show what he thinks Discourse’s basic consistency is with buttons. Both active/important and passive/cancel.

He wanted to echo that similar style with the other buttons, such as for “OK/Cancel”. Right now as it is, the OK button is blue and the Cancel button has zero styling, no colors. It doesn’t match with the “Bookmark/Share/Flag/ect” buttons at the bottom of each topic.

Perhaps you or others of the team may share your reasoning behind the separation of style? I am guessing there is a specific reason?

(Robin Ward) #8

There isn’t. I generally throw icons on all the buttons I add these days, unless of course they don’t fit into the space that the button has to belong. If a button doesn’t have an icon I’d happily accept a PR that adds one.

I think all users will figure out which button is which without an icon, so it’s not preventing anyone from using those modals. It’s pretty low priority for me to spend my time going through the app and changing those.

(mountain) #9

In this case it is not so much the icons, but the colors.

Instead of the current default for Action/Cancel:

@Pirat was suggesting colors, at the very least, as in his mock up:

Icons, I personally understand what you are saying. If a PR was submitted and was sound, is there a possibility of it being approved?

(Robin Ward) #10

I would approve a PR that makes those links into buttons as long as it met all our standards, yes.

Having said that I don’t like the exclamation on cancel. It looks too much like our notifications icon. I’d prefer the “X” on a btn-danger button instead.

(mountain) #11

Thank you and I will keep your request in mind.

I will attempt to do a PR for this because I want to learn how to do it (I know CSS). It’s either now or never. I want to contribute and will hopefully do more as I learn Ruby & Ember/JS.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

The cancel buttons are supposed to be smaller.

Please read this @Pirat if you can understand the English in it:

(mountain) #13

Thank you for clarifying. I had a hunch.

(Pirat) #14

:anguished: may be at least 10 pixels on?