Cannot Access Admin Area due to 'Server Error while trying to load /admin/users/1.json'


I am seeing the following error when I try to access the admin panel:

The admin panel actually flashes on the screen for a split second then disappears and is replaced with the above error.

The last changes I made to the forum are as follows:

  • Edited Trust Levels to make TL2 and TL3 impossible to achieve
  • Edited existing category descriptions
  • Created a couple new categories

Everything seemed to be going great, but I have no idea why I’m getting this error when I attempt to access the admin panel today.


  • My forum is built using the DigitalOcean Discourse one-click install
  • My forum ( seems to be working fine. I can create, edit, and delete posts without issue.
  • I ran ./launcher rebuild app but the problem persists.
  • Below is a screenshot of the Trust Levels screen that I took yesterday (I try to screenshot any major changes I make). Do you think it is the root of this issue?

(Sam) #2

I thought this was fixed, but the trust level editing makes me think of this issue.

Related - the only settings you need to look at to disable TL3 promotion are tl3 time period and tl3 requires days visited, might help to have fewer settings changed.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yep you probably overflowed some integer value with crazy “let me set this suuuuuper high!” numbers, would be my guess.


Ok, I get it – it was a dumb move.


I managed to side-step this issue with a dirty little trick and gained access to the Admin section. Yes, the TL adjustments I made were the culprit.

Here’s how I got in:

Because the admin panel is visible for a split second before disappearing, I kept refreshing the page (using the keyboard) to get a sense of the positions of the icons while I placed my mouse cursor over where I thought one of the Admin section icons is positioned (doesn’t matter which one). Then, I hit CMD+R again and immediately starting clicking the mouse button.


(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is still a bug on our end so if you can isolate the culprit setting and its value we can add a fix as well.


I will look into that later today.