Cannot add theme components to default theme

I don’t see the “Theme components” section in my Default theme. All other themes and theme components have it. Could someone explain?

I think you can’t see it because this theme is a compliment of another theme. Remove the component of dark and then you’re set!


And you’ll notice you can’t set Default as default anymore … or as user selectable because it is a component of another Theme. It’s treated as a component which bars it from those selections.


Okay, thanks. But I’m confused. Has this always been so?

So if I want to add a theme component to every user selectable theme, I can’t just add it to default and let the others inherit it but I have to add to each theme?

@Osama how are clean installs looking? What happened here?

We really need to get the clear UX separation in ASAP so people can tell when something is a theme vs a component.