Cannot add to Discourse Hub app


Can you load in your phone’s usual browser?

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It can be opened in the browser

I get the same behaviour on my device (Android); are you running iOS there?

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was not found

This might be a problem with the server configuration - I see on the ssl checker:

And the webview the app uses might trigger the same error from the server whereas the browser does not, but we’ll need to look deeper to be able to tell for sure.


The DiscourseHub app makes a HEAD request to a site’s /user-api-key/new endpoint to check that it is a Discourse site using a recent version of Discourse. On meta, this returns status 200 (and in the headers, it contains the version of the API), on it returns 400 Bad Request which is why the app can’t load it.

It looks like the site has blocked access to that endpoint or has a misconfiguration.