Cannot delete post because HTTP DELETE with body not supported in Jexus

(Zou Wei) #1

For example, when I click on the ‘×’ mark on the right of a pinned message like ‘PINNED GLOBALLY MAR 10’ in a post. A HTTP request like below is sent.

Request URL      | http://XXXX/posts/18
Request Method   | DELETE
Request Body     | context:/t/some-post/12/3

Jexus is a web server software that can host .NET/C# website on linux. I have a site written with Nancy which is a C# web frame work so I’m using it. The discourse app is hosted on localhost and accessed by using a reproxy provided by Jexus.

The http protocol does not clearly specify whether DELETE should have a body or not. Different server application will use different standard to implement it. So using body when send HTTP DELETE makes it not free to choose the server application. Please consider removing DELETE body when send DELETE http request.


PS: According to the post on SO, IIS also does not support DELETE with a body.

I’m not a native English speaker, so please pardon me if the tone of those words are not polite.:no_mouth: