Cannot delete Uncategorized category

(dtester) #1

For some reason I cannot delete this category “Uncategorized”

I dont see the option “delete” in the category settings dialog.

It’s rather annoying because “uncategorized” comes up as the default category when someone makes a new post and users are not using the categories and everyhting is going in uncategorized and I would rather just remove this category and tell them to pick which category their post should go in


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Disable it in your admin site settings.

(dtester) #3

sorry im in admin panel, where should I go from there?

Thanks for the help

(Marco) #4

Settings, Publishing, “allow uncategorized topics”.

(dtester) #5

Thanks but im in settings I dont see Publishing

I am on discourse 1.0

It says I am new user cant post images. If you add http:// to above link you will see what im seeing

(Marco) #6

Click here:

(dtester) #7

lol im blind


(Jeff Atwood) #8

It is easier to just search for the word “uncategorized” in the site settings.


Hi guys. I tried following the steps above but perhaps I am doing something wrong. I unchecked the „allow uncategorized” but still cannot get rid of the default „misc”. Any ideas would be much appreciated.