Cannot Download and expand image

I can not download and expand uploaded images.

If I upload an image and hover the mouse over the image, the expandable button should be visible, but not visible.
So I can not zoom in on the image.

The download button is also not displayed.

Is there a setting for the expand button to appear? How do I see the button to expand the image?
Please let me know how the expand button appears.

The environment that we installed was installed as the Discourse docker, and it is made of internal private network so that it can not be accessed from the outside.

It works well on the discourse demo site.

Why is this happening?

Is the image you are trying very large? I think you get that expand option only for very large images.

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Thank you for your reply.

Of course, our image is very large.
I think that our network is a private network and it does not seem to work normally.

Or maybe there is an image size configuration. Isn’t it?